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G14 (2021) internal display does not turn on properly but can still display to an external monitor.

Level 7

I have seen others have the same problem regarding the G14, with some being able to solve the problem by uninstalling the ASUS monitor calibration software. Unfortunately I don't have this program, with the closest being 'ASUS smart display control', and uninstalling it does not solve the problem. I believe this problem began shortly after an Asus update, and I remember in particular that I had a problem adjusting my refresh rate before the internal display stopped working.

Symptoms include:

- Internal display backlight turns on, but does not display content.

- Mouse movement becomes laggy when trying to extend/duplicate display, but does work.

- Nvidia control panel does not show internal display.

I have already reinstalled recommended drivers by Asus, as well as trying the latest drivers from both AMD and Nvidia. I have also factory reset my laptop, but nothing has made any difference. Any help is much appreciated/


Level 7

Same, did you find a solution to this?