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Feature removed in a BIOS update - ROG Zephyrus G14

Level 8

As of BIOS 309 for GA402XV line (G14 2023 with 4060) I can no longer adjust the audio volume for the boot up sound. I set it to a low value when I got the laptop a month ago and after the update from BIOS 306 to 309, I can no longer change the volume, just disable/enable it. 
By downgrading the BIOS I could access the feature again but MyAsus and Windows keep trying to push me towards the "updated" version of the BIOS firmware as soon as possible.
The update does even not reset the volume to its default value and just hides the feature from BIOS settings; So when I leave the volume to 40% (e.g.) it will stay there in the future updates!

#GA402XV #GA402X #G14