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External Monitor Not Displaying with Zephyrus through USB-C to DP (HDMI ok)

Level 7
Greetings all, first post.

I have been having success with an external display using HDMI from my Zephyrus, but zero success having the same display working with a USB-C to DP cable. I want to make use of the 144hz, but monitor goes to sleep (says there's no input) when its just the USBC to DP hooked up.
Monitor is an LG 34" curved UW @ 144hz.
Any idea why it isn't recognizing?

Level 13
Id be looking at the cable, especially if you went with a budget minded cable.
Other thoughts double check your monitor imput select. Some have a DP other setting.
Also watch out if this is a 4K monitor. Thats pushing it for your hardware. Its meant to drive the laptop display at those rates, not a 34 inch behemoth!

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I don't know that the cable was all that budget-minded @ $15. It falls average with the prices for similar cables. I set the input on the monitor to DP, still no luck. My monitor isn't 4K (its 144hz and I don't think they make 4k 144hz screens yet). Here is the link to the cable.

Could someone who has a working ext monitor please tell me what cables they use or if any settings had to be changed?

I went with
Sure, a bit pricey, but after trying, for which I could not select 144Hz, I sent it back in exchange for the Accell's. Not a single problem with them and they work as advertised!

Sorry for a late reply to this thread.
I wanted to ask about daisy-chaining DisplayPort monitors. Is it possible with USB-C to DP on this laptop?