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External Liquid Cooler for Rog laptops

Level 7

Hello to ROG company and all those who are interested in this company.
As you know, the power of graphics processors in laptops is limited compared to desktops, and this limitation is due to the lack of a strong cooling system for these laptops. Also, to have a strong cooling system, more space is needed, which laptops generally lack this feature.
But I have a suggestion that has certainly come to many people's minds, but I want to mention it here.

We need an external liquid cooler that connects to the laptop using a special port. To improve the cooling of the laptop.
But this feature has been used by XMG until now. But this company has forgotten one thing. I hope ROG company will use this feature in its laptops.
We need to remove the limitation of GPUs in laptops. But not completely. When the external liquid cooling is connected to the laptop, the graphics processor does not have TDP limitation. But when the external liquid cooling system is disconnected from the laptop, the laptop will automatically limit the power on the graphics processors. By using this feature, there will be no difference between the graphics processors of laptops and desktops.

One of the concerns of those who work with gaming laptops is that the graphics processor in their laptops is weaker than desktops. And this is despite the fact that they pay almost as much as desktop GPUs. And if this feature is added to ROG laptops, this company's laptops will perform much better than gaming laptops of other brands.

I expect to see this feature in the Zephyrus laptops as they are perfect in every way. Build quality is something that many people are looking for.
Even if this feature is offered in Strix laptops, it is still good. But it is better to include this external liquid cooling system in all ROG laptops to have a new generation of very powerful gaming laptops.

Of course, the refrigeration system can also be used in external cooling, which has a much better performance than liquid cooling.

But it should be understood that the most important positive point of this idea is the elimination of the limitations of the graphic cards of laptops. And if this restriction is not removed, it does not have that much effect.

I hope that my words reach ROG company.

For those who agree with this idea, please reply below or like this post to let ROG know how many players like this plan.

With respect


Level 9

Been saying this for a while. Nobody has interest in doing so. Plus you dont want rog doing it. You want a 3rd party. Asus would overprice the cooler. Compared to 3rd party. 

Level 7

Cooling alone is not enough, as I said in the post, the most important feature of this plan is to remove the limitation of graphics cards of laptops.