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DUO 16 Issue with Aura - can a fellow DUO 16 user confirm this?

Level 7


Can any Asus DUO 16 user please confirm that it works on their DUO 16?

The LED stripe on the right side between keyboard and touchscreen only lights up during boot.
As soon as i start Aura the LED stripe goes dark.
The LED stripe on the left works just fine.
I sent the laptop to Asus and they replaced the mainboard, but still the same problem.
I can't get the LED stripe on the right to light up with Aura.

BIOS is 3.16

All drivers and apps are the newest versions.

So, can a DUO 16 user confirm that it can work?

I've got the GX650PY with the RTX 4090.




Level 10

I have the last year's model (3080Ti) and both sides of the stripe have the coloured light, controllable by Aura. Like left side, it is 4 individual LEDs that are controlled as a single light. II am not familiar with the innards of the computer yet so I do not know if the LEDs are on the board or separately connected (in which case it could be a loose cable, which.... a replacement should have fixed?),

Level 7

Thank you for the reply.

If i deactivate Aura the LED switch on (also on during boot), so the LED can work. So it can't be a cable or cobbection problem.

That why i want to find out if it is an issue with Aura software.

Thats why i need a DUO 16 user to confirm that he/she can control the LED on the right with Aura software.



I see. Yes, I just checked the Aura Creator and I can manipulate the right side light from there. It is not the greatest software, but it seems to work. For the test I made the light strobe while all the other lights (including the left side) were turned off, just one effect.

Thanks for testing.

To bad you don`t have the same modell

Level 7

I have same model GX650PY w/4090 on BIOS 316. My LED strips (4 left and 4 right) working just fine.