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Disable ROG GPU OC in turbo mode S17 GX703HR

Level 7
Hello everybody.
When laptop mode change to turbo mode, it will apply overclock value of +100mhz for core and +150mhz for memory. My RTX 3070 laptop didn't win the silicon lottery. During normal use and Timespy benchmark, the OC work fine. However, when playing games such as BF2042, Leagues of legends, shadow if tomb raider, cyberpunk2077, Forza horizon 5 and Horizon zero dawn, the game will crash after few minutes. When I use MSI afterburner to reset the overclock value to default, it doesn't crash anymore. But everytime I boot up or change from performance to turbo, I need to do it manually which is inconvenient.
So, is there any way to disable the GPU overclock in turbo mode of Armory crate? Or modify the overclock value of turbo mode? My system is stable at +70mhz for core and +300mhz for memory.