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Dire Need of ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501VI-XS74 Help, Ready to Give Up

Level 7
Dire help needed here. So last year I dropped a good $3600 on a loaded ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501VI-XS74.

Now keep in mind I've been an avid Desktop gamer for most of my life. I have however over the years owned a few high end laptops from various companies like Alienware. This is my first ASUS and I decided to go all out.

I'm primarily using this machine for FPS gaming on the road while I travel. I'm an avid gamer so I have a lot of experience with machines and configs over the years. I felt this would be a solid gaming choice, but as luck would have it, I'm ready to toss it.

This machine was/is top notch. I've spent a LOT of money buying and trying different monitor cable configurations of every budget level. No difference. The machine has been rebuilt, patched, tested, bench marked and everything in between. I even paid at one point to have it sent back to ASUS to undergo testing. It came back with little improvement.

My issue is that the video quality is horrible on my external display when gaming. It's not laggy. I'm able to run things in high resolution with no problem however it just "doesn't look good". It like taking a picture with a crappy camera vs a high quality camera with a good lens on it. There's no depth, it seems a little grainy etc. Just very disappointing considering the monitor and laptop coming to a $4250 price tag. My laptop from 3 years ago had a better picture. For the sale of saying it, I'm not being an elitist here. The picture really is that bad.

At this point I have NO idea what to do especially since it's already been sent back to ASUS. I really don't know if I got a "dud" and can't imagine this is how it should be. I've ruled out Monitors and Cabling with endless scenarios I'vr tried. I'm just ready to throw my hands up. Anyone else exeprienced this? Ideas?

Level 7
Hi Talbert99,

I "guess" if have at least graphics wise the same machine as you.

I know it sounds stupid, but also with your description: "doesn't look good".
Does the picture blurry or something?

What screens/cables did you try?
What settings did you try to adjust?

I use mine only on the go so I never really attached it to an external monitor.

Cheers Kart0ffl

Level 7
Check Nvidia control panel under 3D settings and make sure it's set to "Best Quality".