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Default ASUS wallpaper lost

Level 7

HI, I need some help.

Today when I turned on my computer I found a black screen instead of the default wallpaper.

I really liked it but I can't find it anywhere. Literally anywhere.

It is very sad to see that at one moment the Asus software can be updated and remove the standard wallpapers permanently. I tried searching on my computer but couldn't find.

If anyone has ROG Zqphyrus G16 model and can share a link to the default ASUS wallpaper which comes from the factory or if you know where to look for them, I will be grateful!


US Customer Loyalty Agent

Not sure if it has the wallpaper you are looking for, but if you check the download option at the top of this page, you can find some ROG wallpapers as below.

If you have Armoury Crate installed, you can also find some wallpapers under the Featured/Content Platform section which includes Aura wallpaper as well if you don't mind using your system resources for that.