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Configuring Dual Monitors with ROG Zephyrus G16 and Thunderbolt 4

Level 7

I own an ROG Zephyrus G16 laptop and two LG 27UN880 4K monitors. I connect my laptop to these monitors using two Thunderbolt 4 protocol Type-C data cables.

When I set my laptop to use only the dedicated GPU, Windows recognizes both external monitors. However, I've noticed an issue with the Nvidia control panel: only the monitor connected via the laptop's USB 3.2 port is correctly identified, allowing me to adjust specific settings for it.

In contrast, the monitor connected through the Thunderbolt 4 port seems to be linked to the CPU's integrated graphics. As a result, this monitor only displays an 8-bit color depth, whereas the one connected via USB 3.2 shows a 10-bit color depth.

I want to use my dedicated GPU to output to both external monitors, enabling me to adjust settings for both. How should I proceed?