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Can't decide between the new G14 or the G16.

Level 7

Am planning on doing the jump to the ROG Zephyrus and I fell in love with their new refreshed look for 2024.

But I can't make up my mind on which one I should pull the trigger on, the G14 with AMD and the RTX4070 or the G16 with Intel and the RTX4080.

Is forking out the extra 800$ really that big of a difference between the two? I'm not a hardcore gamer but I'd love to play Spider-Man, Halo and Cyberpunk, and I intend to dock them on a 27" screen, so portability isn't really an issue.


Level 11

Most of the 800$ difference comes from the GPU. If you are going for Cyberpunk, the 4080 probably makes more sense. Neither has incredible cooling as they are both on the thinner side, so they do not pump as much power into the GPUs as bigger thicker laptops can. That said, the difference between G14 pumping 65W (non-boost) and the G16 pumping 95W (non-boost) to a more efficient card is going to be very, very noticeable. The result is not quite double the FPS, but probably in the ballpark of 1.4-1.6 times the FPS in most demanding games. If that is worth the added 800 bucks is really a personal decision.

For comparison, the Strix 16 will pump 150W into a 4080 non-boost and keep it mostly cool, at the cost of being significantly bulkier and less elegant to look at. I'd even consider it ugly, especially compared to Zephyruses, but that is a subjective opinion.

Level 8

Idk but i have unfornately RTX 4060 Version with i7 13650HX and my CPU while gaming ramps up 95°C 😅 while playing Diablo IV Ultra Raytracing On. Absolutely unacceptable. (Graphics card Is fine, i never got above 80°C at 99% usage) But CPU trolls... 25%usage max and heats like cooking machine. Next time propably get a microwave instead this overheater.

Level 11

The ROG tuning can be a little odd, mostly focusing on fan silence than performance, the CPU does heat up way faster than the computer is really ready for. I have seen it reach over 100C for a moment (not a G14/G16), then the fans start cooling it down. GPU heat is pretty much never an issue as it gets limited by the power settings. This is why it is recommended to fiddle a little with the Manual setting in Armoury Crate. If you are willing to tolerate the increased fan noise (and it can get super loud), you can pump up the power settings on the GPU by a little and ramp up the fans earlier and/or more aggressive.

A very common manual setting with Zephyrus machines is to have it low fan for most of the time, but very aggressive fan at high temps. This makes "common" tasks even quieter while avoiding overheating.