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Camera not functional (not recognized) - ROG Zephyrus M16 - GU604VZ (4080)

Level 7

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased the M16 GU604VZ. I have generally been quite happy with it. However, the camera isn't being detected by windows and hence, my video calls don't work and nor does Windows Hello. In device manager, the drivers are entirely missing for "Camera". I had this issue before and then the new BIOS came out which I updated and the camera was working once again. But now this issue has started coming up once again. I have tried almost everything on the net to fix it but no luck. Also, in device manager, there is some usb unrecognized for some reason. Maybe there is connection.

I can't even find drivers for the camera module on Asus's website. Why is this? 

If someone has the drivers or knows where to look (other than Asus) website, please let me know. Also, any solutions are welcome!

Thanks in advance.


Screenshot 2023-10-04 204137.png