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Bypassing Battery Check during Bios Update?

Level 9
I have taken out and thrown away about to explode battery safely last year and I have no plans to ever getting a new battery.

I noticed that there is a 310 bios update as windows updater automatically downloaded.
However due to not having a battery inside, it won't allow me to update the bios. (fair enough)

Now my system constantly boots into the EZ FLASH 3 Utility whenever I restart my computer since my windows 10 is trying to proceed the firmware update.

I have disabled the auto firmware update from the control panel - system - advanced setting so I no longer have a problem.

But here is my real question.

How do i bypass the battery check on EZ Flash 3 Utility?

I seartched google for hours and some mentioned that typing "risky" should work but it clearly didn't.

Level 7
Hi, I have exactly the same problem, did you manage to solve it in any way?