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BIOS BUG Zephyrus g15 2022 ga503rm

Level 8

Custom curve BIOS bug

Silent, Balanced and Turbo modes work fine on both the CPU and GPU, but when I try to create my own mode, then:

1) The CPU fan either spins up to a maximum of 6400rpm and holds for 15 seconds, after which it returns to the value that is usually at this temperature in turbo mode, then after 30 seconds it starts accelerating the fans again, but does not have time to spin up to the maximum in 15 seconds, and this everything repeats and repeats

2) The GPU fan stops spinning altogether, even if the minimum value in the curve is greater than 0. And no matter what temperature it is on, it NEVER spins, which can possibly lead to the video card burning out

I tried changing drivers (downloaded from the Asus website for my Zephyrus model), reinstalling Armory, reseting BIOS, returning to previous BIOS versions (I have 315, but I also tried 313 and 311), I even reinstall my windows

And nothing helped me
It looks like the BIOS is not accepting the curve values ​​correctly. I've had this since I bought it

What do I need to do?