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Battery full design capacity incorrect: how to calibrate battery? The 60% limit is always good?

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Hello everyone, again.

I've recentely opened a thread to explain my situation with my G14 (2022) battery; in particular with the "remaining capacity" that doesn't correspond to the "real" value of the capacity..... Here a short resume:

i usually use my g14 (2022) plug in with charge limit to 60 %. I very rarely use my computer unplugged and have always been careful. Today i wanted to charge at 100% to check te full charge capacity, but i noticed something strange. as you can see, the full charge is 66.488 BUT just 9 days ago was at 72.112 ! How is it possible?

Furthermore, i read a post on Reddit in which another guy seems to have the same problem (it's an MSI laptop but was the same probelm). One of the answers was:

"Man, my capacity has been jumping around from 80k to 70k to back to 80 to 60k and now 65k. Has been bothering me for a while now. People have been saying this is an msi firmware bug. Has to relate to when you put best for battery mode on dragon center. Remains even when you revert it back to best for mobility.T

To explain, when your laptop is 70% charged and you boot it up, windows thinks that the 70% is your battery capacity and now that 70% becomes your 100%. Now you are charging it to 100 but it's only charged to 70 of actual capacity. And again it keeps decreasing. Can't be sure though.

People say it has been fixed by calibration but mine hasn't. Anybody got any suggestions cuz I have tried almost everything and this is a new laptop."

What do you think about? So we stay with the 60% limit charge of myasus in order to save battery, but windows "learns" that the real capacity is not 100%?