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Audio issues with Asus ROG Zephyrus M16

Level 7

I've got an audio issue with my laptop model Asus ROG Zephyrus M16. When using a headset, sound is coming out of only one ear. I have tried three different headsets and made sure all drivers are up to date. I have also checked obvious solutions like audio balance. Again, I have tried different headsets both wired (3.5mm audiojack) and bluetooth so I do not believe it is a hardware issue. I am also experiencing problems with my USB microphone. The sound is distorted and my voice sounds really warbly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Tearka,

Could you elaborate just a bit more on what you've already tested?

For example, when you tested headsets wired using 3.5mm jack, were all of the 3.5 mm jack headsets headphones with microphone, or were some just headphones without mic? And the result was all just sound coming out of one ear only?

In the case of bluetooth, what was the result?


For the USB microphone, what kind of hardware are you using, and have you tried using the USB mic on another computer?


Level 7


Sorry for not including all the details earlier.

I have tried 3.5mm jack headset with a microphone (Sennheiser GSP600) and one without microphone. Both resulted in sound coming out of only left ear. Also tried bluetooth headset using both cable and just bluetooth, model Sony WH-1000XM4. Same issue but sound quality dropped significantly. It has a built in microphone, it didn't work well at all. All these headsets work fine with my desktop and different consoles.

USB mic is Blue Yeti A00121. Works great with my desktop. With the laptop my voice came out worbly, distorted and others couldn't understand me.

Thank you

Thanks for the additional info!

It's interesting that even with the Sony WH-1000XM4 on bluetooth you had the same issue still. Definitely agree with you that since bluetooth also has this issue it's probably not a hardware issue. You mentioned that you checked audio balance and everything-- is this just within Windows or other places as well? If you do the right/left sound test within windows settings, when it plays right channel does the sound come out of the left ear or does it just not sound at all?

As for the microphone, are your communication apps defaulting to the USB mic when you plug it in? If you do a mic test within windows settings, does the sound play back distorted as well?


Final bit, but could you provide a bit of info about your computer itself?

What OS are you using, any specific audio software installed, what you're using for communications, etc.



When tested in windows settings sound comes out of only one channel. Spatial sound is disabled but even when turned on it yields no different results. Only other software I had was Audacity. I uninstalled it recently but nothing has changed. My OS is Windows 10 64-bit. In regards to the USB mic, when testing it within Windows it sounds fine but when I try to use it in Xbox party to speak to people it sounds distorted. The odd thing is when I plug up Sony headset to the Blue Yeti's headphone jack, sound comes out of both channels just fine. I would still like to solve the issue since it's not a practical solution to keep things plugged up that way.

Thank you 🙂

oh yea, definitely not convenient plugging in that way!

For the microphone, since it's coming through ok when testing within windows, it's probably some kind of incompatibility with the Xbox software. Did some quick searching online and it seems for some people this might fix it: Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording Tab -> Double click your Blue Yeti -> Advanced Tab -> Change Default Format to 1 channel, 16 bit, 48000 hz (DVD Quality). Hopefully that works!

Back to the headphones issue, a few more quick questions:

  • How are you checking audio balance?
  • Does the audio issue also occur using the laptop speakers?
  • Has this issue always been there or is it recent? If recent, anything in particular that happened on your computer (such as an update or something?)


Hi. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to reply until now.

I tested the headset through Sound Control Panel as well as Realtek Audio Console. Both times sound came out from only one side. No, there is no issue when using laptop speakers. The issue hasn't always been there. I can't pin point exactly when it started, few months ago. I haven't used a laptop much until recently due to using a desktop instead. I always rejected Windows 11 update, just standard system updates so far. Thanks!

Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers? It doesn't seem super likely due to bluetooth audio also having just one channel, but it might worth a shot. (maybe there are 2 issues at once-- you never know!)

BTW, any luck with the microphone?

Hi. I reinstalled audio drivers and nothing has changed. I'm really running out of ideas what else we can try to solve this mystery 😛

Since microphone worked fine in Discord I stopped looking into solution for Xbox voice chat.