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Asus Zephyrus M16 GU603HR-91D37PB1

Level 8

good evening,

I have an Asus Zephyrus M16 GU603HR-91D37PB1 that was purchased in November 2021 in Portugal.
My computer went to RMA 4 times:

1 - It started right 2 weeks after purchase showing bluescreens, it went to RMA once, having the operating system reset;

2 - It continued to show bluescreens and went back to RMA, after a new motherboard was put in place;

3- The left speaker stopped working, went to RMA, and came with the speaker replaced;

4- One day in the morning when I started the computer, it didn't detect the hard disk. So it went to RMA and they replaced the hard drive.

Now, as a consumer and having an Asus N551JK since 2014, I find it strange that a computer of 2800 euros is giving so many problems, and various problems on top of that.

Regarding the 4th problem, that is, the fact that one day the hard drive is not recognized, I come here to ask Asus the following:

The disk in question is the SAMSUNG MZVL22T0HBLB-00B00, this disk is an OEM version of the Samsung 980 Pro, a disk that was discovered a fault that the disk suddenly can be in "Read Only" mode:

And indeed there are users with this problem:

If you do some more research on the internet, you will find more examples, this subject is already well beaten.

However, samsung started to make available a firmware update to solve the problem, which is passed on to the manufacturer of the computers instead of being made available on their website to everyone.

Lenovo, for example, has made the same available to its customers:

Now it will only be a matter of time before I am faced again with the same malfunction as number 4 above...

- What is the reason why Asus does not make the said firmware update available on their computer support page? It would save some RMA's, it would be good for everyone, for Asus and for the customers who would save "headaches"...