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Asus zephyrus m16 2022 stuttering\fps drops

Level 7

Hello all,

I have a problem with my Zephyrus M16 2022  laptop. Main problem is that fps drops on 1-3 second by 70-80% randomly during game session in whole games. In average, it's happening one per 10-20 second, depends on situation in game.

The problem disappears when I use Nvidia driver version 529 and below. Currently, I have downloaded the driver from ASUS (Graphic_DCH_ROG_NVIDIA_J_V31.0.15.2901_34188, (which is Nvidia driver 529.04). Whenever I try to update the driver to version 530 or any above, I experience a random FPS drops in games. For instance, when playing Spider-Man remastered, Laptop can maintain a stable frame rate of 50-60 FPS, but at some point, there are sudden drops in frame rate lasting 1-3 seconds, going as low as 10-15 FPS and the picture freezes, and then normal again. This issue does not occur when I use driver version 529.04 or older.

I have already attempted various troubleshooting steps, including\reinstalling Windows, the game, drivers (using DDU and safe boot), and Armory Crate. I have also disabled video acceleration settings but nothing. It seems like there might have been changes in Nvidia drivers starting from version 530 that are causing these hang-ups.

Please help me to solve this problem, because in i other hand I can not update video drivers(