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Asus Zephyrus M16-2021- concerns and lack of consideration for customers

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Good afternoon,

On May 30, 2023, I wrote this post on this forum: 


Essentially, as you can see from this post, I have experienced a number of problems with this model of computer.

The last problem I had was due to the fact that the hard drive stopped working. The computer went to RMA and it was replaced. However, after some research (the situation is described in detail in the link above), I discovered that Samsung discovered a flaw that causes the disk to stop working, and released the firmware fix for the computer builder brands. Unfortunately Asus, has not made this firmware fix directly available to customers.

Meanwhile on August 4, 2023, Asus launches another new BIOS version, this is version 317, unfortunately it seems that Asus does not bother to make a small log description of the problems that this new version comes to correct ...

The social network Reddit contains a forum dedicated to this model. Curiously I noticed that someone took the time to ask other users of the Asus zephyrus M16 2021, what their feedback is regarding this new BIOS version: 

I was displeased to see that at least two people reported that their computers "died" after installing this new update!


- Do your Engineers at Asus when programming, not test your programs before releasing BIOS updates to the servers ?

I am even more displeased that it has been almost 2 months since my first post here on this Asus forum and no one has answered me, which is really incredible!


Frankly I think you are simply burning in the public square a brand that for me had a good reputation. I've always had Asus parts and computers (Motherboards, GPU's and other laptops) I've always found them to be very well made and quality products....

Now your policy of selling the products and not giving proper attention to support is terrible, it basically burns a brand....

This is the same thing when someone goes to a Restaurant several times and is well served. The day the customer is poorly served, that Restaurant is crossed out....


Best Regards



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I can confirm what he said, my 2021 gu603hm zephyrus m16 was bricked after updating to bios 317. 

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Good morning,

It is indeed amazing and scary that every day there keep growing reports of posts from people reporting that BIOS 317 has completely screwed up these computers on the Asus Zephyrus M16 sub Reddit: 


But can't someone at ASUS at least remove this BIOS 317 update from the update servers?

Is a new feature for users to be left with an unusable computer that costs around 3000€?





That's nuts. Idk if BIOS numbering across model years is somehow related, I'm on a Zephyrus Duo16 2023 model, Windows tried to force v317 a few days ago, which I avoided, as anything higher than v312 breaks HDMI output.

As for this forum, we are a few people compared to reddit, even if it's labelled as official. I've never seem a reply from a Asus support agent. Idk why I bother coming back here. It'd be nice to have a real Asus backed forum where people could give feedback that served to improve their products.

Seems they are not interested in doing that, it's a pitty because as you guys, through my many, many years of hardware mingling I've always had Asus in the highest regards. Their first line of ROG gaming laptops were amazing and outclassed the competition. Nowadays market is oversaturated with choices and I for sure won't be buying more Asus products in any category given the experience I'm having with a $5k cry of an usable laptop.

And still I can count myself lucky because it still kind of works after going through a few scary moments.



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My M16 automatically updated to the 317 firmware via windows update and same thing! Bricked! I called and they want me to pay a $85 diagnostic charge just to look at it. Where's the accountability? These idiots force these updates on us without even testing them. I would like to see if anyone has successfully booted after 317? I have two friends with  gu603he's and both are bricked after the update.