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ASUS Zephyrus G15 3070 2021 what happened with the fingerprint reader??????? - solved

Level 7
Ok. i've been only using windows 11 for the past couple of months with no other issues besides the well-known latency with audio and stuttering probably related to fTPM but, decided to install windows 10 on a secondary drive i had installed on the laptop to see how it would perform in comparison.

It all seemed to be going just fine during driver installation up till the point when the MyAsus app recommended this "keyboard firmware critical update", this update had never appeared before on my windows11 MyAsus app but nonetheless decided to install it with the w10 installation. Then when i tried to configure the fingerprint reader on windows 10 it was telling me no fingerprint reader was detected.

i switched to windows 11 on the other drive and realized it was not working there either.
I decided to FORMAT the PC and delete all partitions to avoid doing any troubleshooting but still same problem. Now the fingerprint reader does not work with any of the attempts i've made of reinstalling the software, and doing the troubleshooting Asus recommends. Has anybody experienced this issue?.

I'll attach some screenshots.


out of the blue, in windows11(i was about to RMA the laptop) this random window came about telling me there was a keyboard firmware update available and that my keyboard would be disconnected for a couple of minutes. this actually took 1 second and now the fingerprint reader works again, so definitely someone noticed and released an update on the firmware which made it work again. so dodgy since i didn't hear of anyone else having this issue but at least now it is fixed and i have a screenshot to prove the existance of this particular firmware update, which previously bricked the sensor.


Huh. Well, I guess it's fixed but yeah that is mysterious. Thanks for reporting back for others.
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