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Asus Zephyrus Duo 2023 GTX4090

Level 7

I bought this laptop for my Christmas Gift for myself during 2023 December,

Goodpoints- runs games very fast and has an amazing cooling system,

Badpoints- there are alot

1- this  lap top does not have a function lock key and they disabled that changes that you can do on the bios menu action keys. so you are stuck pressing function key before doing any functions, this is unacceptable for a Top end laptop, as it can be done on basic asus models.

2- freeze flickering on high requirement graphics games, i tried elden ring on higher graphics and there is abit of shutter freeze flickering on the game

3- the screen is rather dark and has very low nitz as compared to my m2 chip macbook pro(which is an amazing laptop)

4- Sleep function, the sleep function of this laptop is kinda wild, it's temperamental in the way it works, i would say a good 80-20 spilt, it works mostly, when you close your screen down, but sometimes it doesnt and you wind back to a dead laptop that needs to be fully charged

There are a few more issues but those, i already knew about before purchasing the product such as weird keyboard key placements and the really crappy touchpad that gives carpal tunnel if you need to actively use it for more than 10 mins. Im lucky to have access to another laptop for primary use, as this is only a laptop that i play games on , so overall i would give this laptop a pass for the moment till Asus upgrades the functions of this model, especially if it is going to be your primary device, it is not worth the price tag due to the issues that i mention above. i hope this thread helps you make a decision on which laptop or device you choose :).


Level 9

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