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ASUS Zephyrus doesn't have a print screen button?

Level 7
I don't know if I'm just blind and have missed some sort of combination where the print key works alongside the function button, but it seems that the laptop doesn't have a print screen button?

I'm kind of surprised I've not seen anyone mention this anywhere (which is why I'm also curious if I am indeed just missing it). To me, this button is essential to any laptop/keyboard, as I personally use it a lot for my work. There are software alternatives, but all of them seem slower than just pressing a button.

I've had to bind a button on my logitech G900 to print screen while using this laptop, and to even get it to record print screen I had to plug it into my desktop and use its keyboard first.

Is anyone else bothered by a missing print screen button, or is there actually a button/alternative that I'm missing?

Also, somewhat related, my virtual numpad on the touchpad that you can toggle between and it glows, produces a £ symbol when I press the # button at the top left of the numpad, which is odd.

Level 13
Its not out of the ordinary when you jam so many keys and a dual purpose trackpad into a small space, something has to give.

For print screen when you need it use the on screen keyboad. Press the "Windows" key to display the Start screen, type "on-screen keyboard" and then click "On-Screen Keyboard". If you use it often enough once you see it in the start field right click on it and pin to start or task bar.

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Just if works for you, I have mapped the "ASUS combo key" as printscreen on Linux. No idea how you can map that on Windows, but it works great for me.

I too was originally frustrated with the lack of print screen key with the Zephyrus, but luckily it has NVIDIA GPU so you can use the NVIDIA GeForce Experience's print screen shortcut to capture your screen just like the print screen key would. Just press Alt-F1 and it will save a screenshot to the Gallery. You can also change that to whatever you like. You can locate the screenshots in the This PC > Videos > Desktop folder. Hope this helps

I use Greenshot keybind like on the MacBook Pro Ctrl + Shift + 3 /4 /5

Fn+F6, case closed

I use print screen every day multiple times in my work flow.

And the Nvidia workaround doesn't cut it for me, because I don't need an image saved somewhere.

I need to be able to paste it immediately into another application, which is standard functionality everywhere!

How can ASUS muck up a keyboard so bad with non-standard keys taking over standard keys?!

I'd return this just for this reason and the fact, that the keyboard is worse to write on as well. The keys just don't reliably pick up your tap, if you hit it with your fingernails, vs the top of your finger. Never ever had a problem with that on countless notebooks from Sony, Dell, Lenovo, Gigabyte, Alienware ...none!