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Asus zephruys g15 ram BSODs problem, Unstable

Level 7
A lot of BSODs, It's been happeneing for about a month now for no reason. Access violation and memory coruption messages. 0x500000c error code which indicates memory courruption. When I run prime 95 test it instantly crashes the laptop. I have been using it only for 2 days and it already started happening. I can't even install Windows without crashing multiple times until it suddenly allows me to continue the installation. I have updated everything, BIOS, drivers using MyAsus. Even MyAsus crashes now. Do I need to have an RMA?

Here is a video showcasing my problems, It's even worse than that now.

Level 7

Did you ever get any resolution? I been having blue screen errors. i was curious about the level of support i should expect.

The first time i crashed was updating BIOS.


Did you guys end up getting an answer on how to fix that. Or managed to find a solution on your own ?  I've been having the same issues probably since early to mid March can't seem to find what it is