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ASUS S17 GX703HS pulsing FANs

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I have the ASUS S17 GX703 with the i9, RTX 3080 and QHD display. Unfortunately the FANs are raming up and slowing down very frequently in idle or under light load. This is very anoying and I don't see the reason why this is happening. It seems like the FAN curve is just to agressive e.g. 0 RPM or 1500 RPM, nothing in between.

Someone has the same issue and maybe a solution for this?

Besides that my left palmrest is getting warm under load. The right palmrest stays cool. Maybe someone has the same issue?

Level 7
Hi, I'm having the same issues as you. For fan pulse I use a custom curve as follows: 40C-60C -> 1%, 60C-90C -> from 1% to 70%
Palmrest is warmer than I expected as well and the left is warmer

Under the left palm is installed ssd and it heats up quite a lot.
I moved the ssd to another slot and now the heating is not felt so much.

Did you find any solution? I have also this issue. It's really annoying. Looks like it's software related but need solution. I will sell this laptop if I can not stop this damn noise.

the main problem for me that the fans pulsing cause the built in mic to activate / decative all the time while on voice chat