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ASUS ROG Zephyrus S w/GeForce RTX 2070

Level 7
I know that the screen resolution on this machine is 1920 X 1080 but when I have this laptop hooked up to my 4K tv will it output games in 4k through the video card?

Thanks in advance

Level 7
I figured this would have been a simple yes or no question. Apparently there are no ROG employees on this forum and this pretty much just proves it.

You are correct, this is a customer discussion forum and the presence of ASUS staff is minimal. If you ever need immediate technical support please contact phone support.

Also, if you have a product specific question please make sure to post in the relevant sub-forum where other owners of the same product might read it. This was originally posted in General where other threads would push it out of view.

The short answer is that external outputs on laptops are not limited by the display modes of the internal display. They are limited by the HDMI or DP version of the port. As long as you select a mode supported by both the laptop port and your TV's input, it will work.
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I have the same zephyrus s model as you, and i use it with my Samsung 4k TV.
It runs at 4K fine with my cheap HDMI cable and it does make use of the Nvdia GPU and you can verify it in the nvdia control panel.
i can even have it running at 120HZ ( Only possible through 1080p resolution, haven't tried 1440p, also it depends on the TVs refresh rate as well).

Hope that helps