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ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GM501GS Black Screen At Startup

Level 7

I frequently get either black screens at startup, or sometimes I get a square display (4:3 ratio) rather than the full wide screen.

If I get the black screen, I can sometimes eventually get it to display with Windows Key + Shift + Ctrl + B.
This leads me to think that it is more of a software/BIOS issue.

I have the latest available drivers and BIOS. I am leaning towards it being a BIOS issue, but ASUS haven't released an update.

I realize that this is a common issue, but I haven't yet seen a fix for it.

Any ideas?

Level 12
Let's rule out Windows 10 Install

run as admin [powershell] (type into search bar, when you see it pop up, right click on it and run as admin)

sfc /scannnow

wait till complete
now run (still in powershell)

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

wait till complete

if either found and fix integrity errors or corruptions, reboot and then repeat both steps again. If you get caught in loop than you could try reset and lastly fresh install of windows.

This will help eliminate windows software as the issue.

Then lets rule out the drivers

You could try snappy driver installer, download the light version

This program is pro at getting the best optimal drivers for your system.

Video - how to use the program

This will help eliminate drivers as the issue.

Lastly, I would also try DDU and safemode uninstall your graphic drivers and then reinstall the latest.

Which in theory leaves bios / hardware as possible causes. If the above didn't fix it.

Hope you find this of help 🙂