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Asus rog zephyrus gx501 keyboard - gpu gtx 1080 problem after bios update

Level 7
Hello, after updating the Asus Zephyrus GX501 BIOS in October to version 309, my keyboard and all notebook lights have stopped working, the LEDs do not light up, and the keyboard does not work.

I also noticed that the GTX 1080 Video Card (GPU) no longer works at full power, when I enter the Rog Gaming Center, it shows that the GPU is in "Eco Mode", even changing the Windows power settings, video only works with low fps, its temperature does not increase.

I think the zephyrus has a hardware sensor that checks when the notebook's cover is open, so if it's closed at 1080 it will not fry the notebook, since the lid will shut the zephyrus's air in / out too.

This sensor should also have been disabled with this badly planned BIOS update.

BIOS was automatically updated by Asus Update.

Does anyone have any idea, at least how to make the video card work at its maximum power.

A notebook without a keyboard, I've lost all mobility, and without the GPU now or even as a desktop.

Using 3DMark11 the zephyrus in its total strength should reach 23000 points, at the moment in "Eco Mode" it reaches 3500 points.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

Level 7
Dear all, when going in the Bios i have noticed that some settings are phantomized and realized in the first page that i am logged in as a User and not Admin.

I never set a password for the Admin and do not have the option to even try and set it as its phantomized.

I tried flashing the bios to an older version but the EZFlash option is phantomized.

Any ideas of how can i log in as Admin