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ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G16 GU603ZV stuttering

Level 8

I got this new laptop  ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G16 GU603ZV Rtx 4060 16gb ram ddr4 i7 12th gen yesterday and I ve been having annoying stuttering and I tried so many things to fix it like tweaks related to windows 11, updated everything, lowered settings in games, the different profiles of armour crate (performance turbo ...etc) I m so sad about it because I've worked hard and have been saving a lot to get this one.

It only runs with the least amount of stutter on resident evil 4 remake even at max settings but every other game I tried (even lethal company) get stuttering problems.


Level 8

I guess you were right that was temporary. Played a bunch of games was running smoothly. Then I played red dead redemption 2 it was running well switched to another game went back to rdr2 and it stutters in a ridiculous way it s way too much almost like every 2secs 

I managed to significantly reduce my stuttering by turning on V-Sync in the Nvidia control panel, though the setting gets reset everytime I change my resolution/ refresh rate. So your stuttering is either game-specific, a driver issue or it can be potentially reduced by doing what I did (turn on V-sync both in game and in the nvidia control panel.) 

Level 8

Actually nvm that s working for me 😄 thanks a lot you actually saved it i thought i wasted my money and i was so sad to have to return it and not be able to play during this vacation before going back to work. Now even the fps games work fine just didn t try with rdr2 and dead space. Thanks a lot and have a great holiday and merry christmas !

I'm so glad it helped you, wishing you great holidays too. Let's hope that asus provides a permanent fix for this issue so that no one has to dig through google to find a fix like I did 😅

Thank youu! you re the mvp i swear hahaa now everything works fine even for open world games. Yep hopefully they do something about it in the upcoming updates

Level 9

Just now, I found out yet another thing that managed to reduce the stuttering even more.. and that's simply re-plugging the charger into the laptop..? Maybe that'll help you in the future if the stuttering comes back. I have no idea why this is the thing that fixed it but it seriously managed to remove the entire stuttering just now. I don't think this is what was causing your issue though, as I previously had a lot of problems with my charger (it was causing display glitches and such..) so maybe it was the cause of my stuttering all along 🤷‍asus never fails to surprise me today lmao, in any way I'm glad that we both managed to fix the issue. hoping it doesn't come back, but if it does then feel free to reach out to me or this forum again !! have a good day/night

Haha some of the fixes are just so wild i love it i will try it actually i still have a tiny bit of stuttering sometimes but it s not bothering me but thank youu i will take note of it. Have a great day thanks for saving my vacations hahaa