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ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G16 GU603ZV stuttering

Level 8

I got this new laptop  ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G16 GU603ZV Rtx 4060 16gb ram ddr4 i7 12th gen yesterday and I ve been having annoying stuttering and I tried so many things to fix it like tweaks related to windows 11, updated everything, lowered settings in games, the different profiles of armour crate (performance turbo ...etc) I m so sad about it because I've worked hard and have been saving a lot to get this one.

It only runs with the least amount of stutter on resident evil 4 remake even at max settings but every other game I tried (even lethal company) get stuttering problems.


Accepted Solutions

I managed to significantly reduce my stuttering by turning on V-Sync in the Nvidia control panel, though the setting gets reset everytime I change my resolution/ refresh rate. So your stuttering is either game-specific, a driver issue or it can be potentially reduced by doing what I did (turn on V-sync both in game and in the nvidia control panel.) 

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Level 12

They say it's the fault of the messy Armory Crate, so it would be appropriate to start the investigation there.

Alright thank you at least I have a lead now 

Level 9

I have the exact same model as you and I have basically tried almost every single thing i could think of (unfortunately due to the fact that basically no one has this model its extremely difficult for me to find actual leads) I have noticed though that the stuttering only happens when using the Nvidia gpu, when using the integrated gpu there's little to no stutters, I tried updating the graphics card drivers but it changed nothing of importance 

at this point this isn't our fault but the company's fault who doesn't care enough to actually fix this because I haven't seen anyone with this model who actually managed to fix this issue, tomorrow I'll be reaching out to their customer support but i wouldn't be surprised if even they have no fix

Level 7

Sometimes I get some small errors but I think with this trick I can see the smallest things. A white screen can create a way of cleanliness, simplicity, and openness.

Level 9

Alright so I don't know if this will fix it but the customer service told me to uninstall my graphics driver from device manager > display adapters and then restart the laptop, it would eventually reinstall the correct driver apparently? That's what happened to me and as of now there's no stutters.. But I don't think this is permanent.

I will try to do that aswell. Thank you so much for coming back to comment about what they told you that s so nice of you

Level 9

hey before you do it, i forgot to say you need to tick the "attempt to remove driver from this device" option, I think the agent wanted me to do a clean reinstall of my driver as he thought my drivers were the problem.

Level 9

I'll do some playtesting on my usual games and I'll tell you if anything changed for me..

Alright once home I will try the tips you got from the support! Thanks again appreciate