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Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 BSOD issue and service centre unable to diagnose it

Level 7

I have purchased Zephyrus G15 2021 6800HS with RTX 3060 and within 15 days of purchase, the ROG logo started appearing twice on switching on the laptop, then 2-3 seconds black screen and later, a normal boot up.  As well as it took more than a minute to boot up. I had taken it to the service centre and they replaced the entire motherboard. Despite the issue resolving, two new issues popped up. As soon as I plug in the laptop to power source, BSOD occurred and the laptop boots to BIOS screen. This issue occurred every-time I plug-in. Also the speaker's max volume reduced. As I was in my university, I couldn't take it to service right then. And I eventually took it again to the service centre (laptop still in warranty), where they replaced the speaker but couldn't diagnose the reason for BSOD, despite laptop being in the service centre for more than 20 days. No proper deadline or the proceeding were conveyed to me. They said that they have replaced the motherboard, ram as well as the SSD but still the issue persists and thus needs more time! 

Its been just 6 months since purchase of this premium product and it has been in the service centre for more than a month now! Being a student, I am in urgent need of the laptop. Despite paying such a hefty price, is this how customers are treated?? How should I proceed now as no proper information has been conveyed yet by the service centre? Who should I contact further to get the best response for this issue?