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ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS DUO 16 2023 Throttling and other thread locked by ASUS

Level 10

So i had made another thread but conveniently ASUS has locked it.  Others are also seeing same things.  Super faulty products conversations re being locked by ASUS.  Worst company ever.


Back to my point:

I have 2023 zephyrus duo with Ryzen 9 and 4090.  Now at ambient temperatures of aaround22 degrees C once the GPU reaches 87C which it invariably will after a while.  At this point the power is cut to 50w from 140 and the FPS drops to 20-30 fps.  This happens literally after every 5 minutes and sometimes even in lesser time than that.  This seems to be linked with either a nvidia driver update or the armory crate update that came recently.  


This is the worst product i have ever bought. period.  Asus has made a lemon that has one issue after another.  Worst of all if you raise your voice they lock the thread. 


Level 9

Is it possible that you are not familiar how to make things work?  From looking at all your post and being honest. You just dont know what you are doing. And dont give anything a chance and get frustrated. 


Check out

Great group for help.

Your synopsis is devoid of rationality and accuracy. 
My earlier posts have all resulted in Asus actually noticing issues and taking action. Also the posts I have made have been mirrored by others as they were genuine issues. Case in point, the driver issue with Nvidia and Asus for the 4090 series. This resulted in action being rake and people being able to enjoy their shiny new laptops. 

You on the other hand probably are the class monitor. Well good for you. I am an enthusiast and buy cutting edge products to enjoy them and usually there isn’t a problem. With ASUS though, there is a very serious QC issue. I just bought the Asus Maximus dark hero for my new 14990k and that too is going to have to be returned. Lately the only thing working as advertised from this once great company is my Ally.