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ASUS ROG M15 GU502LW Overheating When Display On Sleep, Insane Battery Drain

Level 7
Hello Guys

I own the ASUS ROG M15 GU502LW now for almost 1.5 months.
During this period I have experienced nothing else like problems and system instability with no solution.

First problem: When the laptop screen goes to sleep all the fans shut down regardless of the heat it still produces and the system overheats and crashes in the end.
this happened while leaving the laptop for a short period alone with some open programs like (Unity, MS Word, Chrome, Games)

The same problem with closing the lid it will always overheat when the screen goes blank, after 3 seconds you can hear the fans go from 60% to 0 % even when there are still programs running that produce heat.

Second problem: The laptop battery is completely empty after 50 minutes of inactivity at random moments. I found out when reinstalling windows 10 with all the drivers I get around 4,5 hours on battery time. for the second time, almost after one week of using the same windows installation the battery time drops to 30-50 minutes for no reason and regardless of the selected power profile of the Asus armory crate software. This is really unreliable.

I tried to reinstall the latest bios version, reinstallation without and with Asus drivers, reinstallation with old and late drivers.
Overheating and battery problem keeps returning no matter what I try.

I hope I am not the only one with this problem. A brand new machine like this and so many problems and instabilities.
This is not understandable for a brand new machine that costs around 1750 euros.

Best regards

Check out this thread for more of the same problem.

This problem is evident in several models. And since nobody has answered here so far, not everyone with the same model will experience the same problems.

But that does not mean that this can simply be ignored. also, the people who experience these problems, including myself, have paid the same amount for the same device that should work without problems as advised by ASUS.

Level 7
I bought this device with an 2070 Video and 240HZ refresh rate and I am so disappointed. First of all from the beginning my device is freezing randomly without blue screen of death, no errors nothing. Second it produces an loud annoying coil whine noise. Third one of the fans is also producing strange noise as it is scrapping something. And yes I paid for this 2100 euros. Never gonna buy ASUS I guess.

After updating to bios 316 it appears to have resolved this issue and the fans remain on even with the screen off depending on temperatures.