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ASUS ROG GX700VO - ASUS Unable to Repair

Level 7
This thread is an expression of interest to all GX700VO owners, looking to have ASUS refill the coolant in their docks.
Please COMMENT below if you have purchased this unit, as this information will apply to you.

Either you have experience, or soon will, the liquid coolant in the docking until will dry up - and a "beep beep" alarm will sound. Instructions from ASUS, are to have the unit assessed, not to open it yourself; indicators in the manual lead to replacing coolant (not an exact quote).

From ASUS Repair Centre - the coolant is NOT replaceable or refillable. Unlike other water cooled PC's, the entire dock is sealed. There are no "part numbers" available, to replace internal mechanisms (actual quote from ASUS Repair Centre). At a cost upwards of $700AU, you need to replace the ENTIRE docking hardware; old for new.

So what are my options, you ask? Depending on the country you live in - you may have Consumer Rights. For example, in Australia we have the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Standard), and locally the NSW Fair Trading. These government / legal arms protect the rights of consumers; and in this instance, there are multiple breaches of Consumer rights in the inability to repair this part.

I recommend, as I am, first speak in depth to ASUS and escalate your situation and seek a compromise. If you're not satisfied with the outcomes, seek legal intervention, such as the ACCC in Australia. ASUS have clearly made a (extremely expensive) unit, that hasn't catered to future use of the product.
And I for one refuse to pay $700AU every 5 years to replace hardware.

Sound off below if you're in this category.

Level 10
Hello deeemmhexer,
I'm really sorry about this.
Your feedback has been taken into serious consideration for future improvement.
Thank you very much.

Hi dee,Â*
Thanks for raising this to my knowledge.
In fact I have the same problem and have contacted ASUS only to be informed there will be a $600+ charge for the dock!
I haven’t yet escalated anything to the ACCC but wanted to know what your experience has been so far.Â*
Thank you

All the best

Hi guys,

So i just got the same problem like you. The Dock is starting to beep, indicating an empty system. How did it go with your ACCC? I am from germany, so i am pretty sure i could also go legal on this.