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Asus ROG G15 GA503RW-LN099 won't go to sleep mode

Level 7
Hi every one. i have bought this laptop about two weeks ago and it's my first AMD CPU based laptop.
i installed windows 11 and then installed arch Linux with grub boot manager along side it. mostly a power off my laptop but last day i came across something interesting.
when i closed my laptop lid, fan and hard IO was working. i suspected drivers for Linux that is not fully installed or configured, i switched to windows and the behavior was the same. closed lid or pressing power button makes screen and backlight off but hard IO LED and fan are still working.
i tried going to sleep with and without AC and also installed latest bios but the problem is still here.
i would be glad if anyone could help me

Level 8
I have the same problem on my G15 GA503QR, sleep mode is not working only display is turning off.

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