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Asus removed webcams from all theirs gaming laptop line up.

Level 9
Well thats another stupid move by Asus in their gaming laptop line up. It is not their first. In the past making ROG G751 second HDD bay SATA2 only when ROG G750 and G75 had both HDD bays SATA3 rated. Why they did it?

So Zephyrus or Strix dont have webcams built in. Great move. I wish Asus would stop making stupid moves like this, but, you know, reality is harsh.

Why would you not want a builtin webcam in your laptop? Would you rather have external webcam and another wire and stuck USB port with webcam plug? And the hassle of carring it and connecting it while on the move. Selfie cams from smartphones are so small you can fit one in 3mm bezel of the screen and the pixel count can go as high as 20Mpix.
I would even buy a laptop which has a Front facing cam from a smartphone of say 108Mpix, becaue why not! Smartphones have them so why not laptops? They are supposed to be mobile, right?
And Ausu makes smartpones! So they can accomplish this with out major problems, right?

Well the competitors like Gigabyte or MSI newst laptops have webcams built in. MSI GE76 Raider and Gigabyte Areo 17 are the examples. Areo even has a shutter on the webcam. The GE76 Raider has 2Mpix full HD webcam. But nowdays you can even fit 20Mpix webcam. Well it will rise the price but if you spendig 2,5k$ or 3k$ on a laptop 200-300 more for 20Mpix selfie or 500$ for front facer and selfe cam shouldn't be a deal breaker, or should it be?

Level 10
500$ for a camera? You're joking, right? I bought mine for 30 bucks from Amazon as I'm all day live talking to colleagues and clients. My laptop was 2500 euros, but I would NEVER spend more than 30 for a camera. And I bet most of the people don't even need it or use it, so why should they pay for it? I was also disappointed by not having built in cam, but already got used to it. It's not comfortable with the external one realy, but the quality is better and I can change its direction, so it has its pros.

the worst marketing idea ever. had to by acer, because couldn't find not even one top asus laptop with a webcam built-in (no, i will not carry external camera with me)