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Asus GX501 - Thundebolt / Docking Station / GSync

Level 7
Dear all, just purchased an ASUS GX501 and an ALIENWARE 34 CURVED AW3418DW and realized that to use G-YSNC i need to connect it through the ThunderBolt 3/Display Port.

I also wanted to buy a good docking station but they seem to connect through the ThunderBolt 3/Display Port, since the laptop has only one ThunderBolt 3/Display Port i was concerned if the Alienware wll have G-sync enabled.

My question is which docking station do i need to buy in order for the Alienware to be connected to the docking station and G-Sync working in sync?


Level 8
I currently use Cable Matters thunderbolt 3 dock and it works just fine.

Level 7
Hey guys. I just bought a thunderbolt dock and it's not working for me. Do i need special thunderbolt drivers? I noticed that all the zephyrus laptops have usb-c but not thunderbolt and there are no thunderbolt drivers on the asus driver page.