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ASUS GU502L Powers Up, Keyboard Lit, Power Lite On, No Display

Level 7
This is severely stressing me out so I hope someone can help..

A friend asked me to look at his ASUS GU502L that was having audio issues.. As in No Audio... I did the standard driver uninstall/reinstall.. No luck... Thinking that the audio was linked to the NVIDIA drivers might be the issue, I reinstalled the NVIDIA GFX drivers.. No luck..

After researching the laptop I learned there there was also some INTEL GFX related drivers.. So, I went into the SYSTEM DEVICES of Device Manager and removed something marked as INTEL and AUDIO... I then put the laptop aside, as I had another project come up..

When I returned to the ASUS, I powered it up.. The Power LED came on, the keyboard blinked and then came on, but there was nothing in the display. Not even a backlight... I swapped out the stick of DDR4 RAM with a known good stick.. No luck.. I also confirmed that the existing stick of DDR4 RAM works...

I have pulled the battery, the RAM and the SSD.. Still no difference in the boot (or in this case, lack thereof). No beep codes or anything..

I have hooked up an external monitor via HDMI, still no display...

I have also done the Disconnect Battery Hold Power For 40 Secs trick and also tried CTRL SHIFT WIN 'B' to reset the Video... No luck...

I am at the end of my rope on things to try...

I am beginning to think the onboard RAM might be the fault..

My question is, could the RAM be so bad as to prevent the laptop from booting up with no error code or error beeps???

I can replace the onboard RAM, as I have access to a reflow wave solder machine.. But I don't want to go to that extreme if the onboard RAM is not the issue..

Hopefully someone here can give me a clue.. Thanx in advance...