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ASUS GM501M Aura Core Issue after Clean Install

Level 7
Hey all, new member here. Just picked up an ASUS ROG GM501M, and did a clean windows 10 install and was able to reinstall all of the drivers via the ASUS support site.

However, I am having an issue with the Aura core software. I was able to find a version of it on the boards and installed it, however it doesnt seem to have the same options as the version that came preinstalled on the machine.

I have tried both the version I found on the boards, as well as the version from the windows store (which the asus support site points to for my machine)

The version I have currently installed is v104. I dont see some of the effects I had on the preinstalled version (rainbow, etc)

See screen below. Anyone know what the issue is?


Level 9
FYI: my gl703 came with windows store version. There is a hotfix for keyboard firmware.

Level 7
Ok, now my issue is, whatever settings I apply are not sticking. I have it set to 4 zone static, with brightness at 66, and apply. The static setting is not applied, and when I exit aura core and go back in, it is set back to breathe and brightness at 33.

I CAN, however change the brightness via the keyboard FN keys, and it sticks, so my issue is still with aura core not working/applying brightness and color/effect settings

Is there another app or service that aura core needs that maybe i dont have anymore from the clean install?

Level 7
After a restart, now the windows store version of aura core doesnt launch either directly or from rog gaming center...nothing happens when i click it to launch...this is frustrating

@saiyanzzrage, could you share the aura core installation file, we have lost those files after new windows 10 installation.

All credit goes to egonzalez7579. Go to this post. click the link.
Download the zip file, unzip install the first two installers (Aacsetup and Auraserevicesetup)
then install rog aura core from windows store.
I scanned these installer with windows defender, malwarebytes, and Virus total online.
I now have the original aura core that came with my GL703GE.

Level 9
1. Go to MS store to install the latest version of ROG Aura Core.
2. Download and double click the Setup.exe to install the Aura Core Component app.
3. Download and run install.bat as administrator to install the Aura Lighting Service app.

link for Download

Level 7
yeah:D, they finally added files needed for ROD Aura Core, at the system page