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Asus G14 GA401IV Boost Clock Issues

Level 7

After getting repairs done, I've had received my laptop, and the motherboard has been replaced. Following the temperature suggestions from r/ZephyrusG14 I had restricted the power plan to be set to 'Efficient Aggressive' until the repair due to the faulty fan, but since the repair, I've changed it back to Aggressive when plugged in.

Every time I launch a graphically demanding game or even let my device idle for long enough, it causes the laptop to BSOD after around 2-3 minutes of starting. Since then, I've reinstalled both the AMD (Radeon APU Drivers) and Nvidia graphics drivers, and then I've tried to run an extended memory diagnostic (No Errors), and at last, reinstalled Windows 11 (While Retaining the files) and reinstalled all the drivers mentioned on the ASUS website.

The last BSOD stopcode I received was regarding atikmpag. sys among ntkrnl.exe and fltmgr. sys

I really don't want to reinstall windows fresh, so if there's any way to work around this please let me know.