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Armoury crate\Aura Sync Not working properly (GX502GV)

Level 7
i own a Zephyrus GX502GV from some weeks. Since the first updatings, i founded that armoury crate\aura sync are not working properly: sometimes the app just crashed, sometimes it would not recognize the keyboard in aura sync, sometimes it was impossible to change the effect, and so on. So i tried to remove everything and reinstall all the packages and programs like the asus guide, in that order.
Every new install was a nightmare because it showed new issue. After many tries, now i'm stable. I can apply sistem basic effect, cpu\gpu data are showing in AC, but... the aura sync effect are working properly ONLY when the cpu is not stressed. Yes, because if i play, if i do rendering or others heavy tasks, the keyboard effect (except static) choosen on aura sync gets blinkering, keeps crashing, like the backlit goes from 60fps to 5fps. And that only with aura sync effect. If i put some basic system effect, everything is fine.
Also, aura creator is not working. It recognize me the keyboard (at the beginning it faild that too) but when i apply some effect, the keyboard goes black, untill i put some effect by sistem or aura sync.
I have everything up to date and i tried also with not the latest packages\app versions. I tried everything but it seems like a software problem.
I'm getting mad trying to figure it out on the web but nothing. Even the asus support doesn't give me ho to figure it out.
I'm on the latest windows 10 (1903) and with the latest BIOS (305).
Does anyone here knows hot to fix this brand new 2k laptop? Thank you!