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[ARMORY CRATE/BUGS] Rog Zephyrus M16 2022 i9 3080Ti - incorrect gpu thermal limit

Level 7
Here's the problem, the gpu should run up to 87C (and sometimes it does, sometimes not), switching profiles sometimes helps to set the thermal limit to 87C and sometimes its stuck at 75C.

Windows 11, all drivers up to date, bios updated. Tried reinstalling all asus software components, services, even wiping nvidia drivers.

My hardware loop looks like this:

- connect laptopt to charger
- connect tb 4 pd dock to laptop tb4 port
- connect diplay port - usb c cable to second usb c in laptop

Sometimes the laptop works as intended and gpu goes to 82C and stays at 115W-120W, here it throttles, cant pinpoint what causes it, no other monitoring software, just HWinfo and armory crate.
As you can imagine it's downgrading the gpu performance to only 80-90W.

Example image:

Level 7
Found the culprit, Armoury Crate is just bugged and setting Silent Profile limits gpu to 75C and nerfs performance significantly, the problem with that its not setting it back to 87C, even with manual profile or turbo, its just stuck, only after setting other profile like windows and restarting pc everything is back to normal and you get your performance back.