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AMD graphics drivers cause black main display, Zephyrus Duo 16 (2022)

Level 10

A week ago I purchased last year's Zephyrus Duo and while I've gotten in mostly set up to my preferences, two issues continue to persist. One has to do with the integrated AMD graphics turning the main display to black every once in a while (sometimes once in a couple of hours, sometimes three times within half an hour). I have noticed no clear pattern wrt load, scaling, display refresh rate, FreeSync etc. HDR does make it worse and requires HDR to be turned off to get rid of the black screen. Fortunately that can be done via the ScreenPad. There is a workaround to turn on the main screen via Win+P (or Fn+F9) to project all content to the ScreenPad, then revert projecting to both screens. Before the latest BIOS update, another workaround was unplugging the power adapted (I assume the screen refresh rate being changed had an effect), this is no longer the case.

Mind you, everything on the blank screen works, nothing is reported as disconnected, applications continue to function normally, but work is made difficult for the user who sees nothing.

I did turn the MUX switch to let the NVidia 3080Ti take care of the main display and leave the AMD to deal with the ScreenPad (the ScreenPad is not connected to the MUX switch and will always be run by the AMD integrated chip) and had no issues. That is not really a solution for a laptop that has to be able to run off the battery. Problems only occur using the AMD chip to run both screens.

I have done a clean install of everything (reinstalled Windows as part of getting rid of AMD RAID 0), issue was present before and after the cleansing. Latest drivers are installed from the ASUS ROG website, MyASUS and Armoury Crate work as expected.

I am contemplating upgrading the AMD drivers to the latest of AMD's own website (Adrenalin would get updated form to 23.5.2) or turning off MPO (multi-plane overlay) as that has been reported to not work with AMD drivers.

My other problem is with the MediaTek WiFi drivers that failed to work after a Windows Update once, but the workaround of holding down the power button for 60 seconds to hard reset the WiFi card worked like a charm.

The laptop is generally pretty awesome, well-cooled and just shy of perfection due to no 4K main display option, which is a shame as the ScreenPad is an absolute dream at 100% scaling. I also await for any information about MPP/AES stylus support that was asked about in a different thread.

Discussion question: What solutions are others using to get around these issues and are there other known issues (and solutions!) a new owner should be aware of? 


Level 10

Newer AMD drivers from AMD's site still have the same issue of blacking out the main screen. I am starting to run out of ideas and options. Could it be that the AMD chip is not properly connected to the MUX switch and that is why it only affects the main display? In that case a motherboard replacement would probably help. Any other ideas, experiences?