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2024 ROG Zephyrus GU605MI second SSD issues

Level 7

So I bought an Inland SSD for the second slot of my GU605MI and it'll work at boot, but after about 10  minutes, it tends to just cut out. I've tested the drive in other systems, using both motherboard and PCI-e to NVMe adapters, and the drive seems to work great in those systems. I put it in the GU605MI and it'll run for maybe 5-10 minutes and then just disappear. I have reinserted it into the NVMe slot twice and I still have this issue.

I do have another drive to test with - a Samsung 980 Pro - and will update with that,

I do wonder if this is a faulty unit though because, from time to time, drive access for the main drive just pauses for a few moments and then comes back.


Level 7

@wyoung8921did you anything in BIOS to activate the second slot or did you just install the disk? I have added a WD Black SN850X (4TB) and it does not show up in BIOS nor in Windows.