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2022 g14 feedback ?

Level 9
Does anyone else have one of these awesome machines? I have the GA402RK model with the RX 6800S graphics and 16GB RAM. I love it. I have tried all the settings while gaming and I have settled on using the Performance profile with the MUX switch set on Optimized Hybrid mode. I can squeeze out a few more FPS by using Turbo and setting the MUX to Discrete only but the fans are too loud for me and even with the fans churning, the system still runs about 5 degrees hotter. The 9()C I get in Performance mode is hot enough and the performance is still more than good enough. I wanted an all AMD machine and this one knocks it out of the park. I couldn't care less about ray tracing because I like the way things look without it better. The same with HDR. that makes my eyes hurt so I never use it.