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Windows 10 Creators update problem with GL702VSK

Level 7
Ever since I purchased this laptop (GL702VSK), I cannot stop but appreciate how amazing it has been for me and have been enjoying it with no problems what-so-ever until recently. I am currently only having the following problem. The Windows 10 Creators update keeps on been forced or pushed update on my laptop regardless of what I do. It will randomly come up and update. I sometimes have to force close the application where it is downloading the update in the background and does auto-restart. The only thing I do is roll back to previous version of the Windows 10 build and have to do it every time.I have tried to use "wushowhide" but it does not help. I have tried to delay the update on the settings but it's useless and still updates.

I guess I should explain why I'm not wanting to upgrade to the Creators. Well, let me start by stating, when the Creators update is rolled in and updates this laptop, my keyboard stops working. Everything else works other than I cannot type or anything I press on the keyboard just doesn't get output to screen. I check the device management and see that the keyboard is recognized as an unknown device in HID-class. This problem occurs everytime Windows 10 gets updated.

I have tried the following:
1.)Check to see if it was the battery problem with hibernate/sleep that people have mentioned on Google searches but it does not do anything to resolve this problem.
2.) I have tried to update the unknown device via Windows driver update and it tell me that the driver update is available, however, it is not supported on this version of the build. I have also tried to roll back driver but it gives me the same message.
3.) I have tried to use the keyboard drivers by downloading from the ASUS website support page but it says the same thing during the installation: something along the lines of "This software is not supported on your version of operating system."
4.) I have pretty much tried all the possible ways to make sure it was not on my end where the laptop was causing this. After many google searches, I have gotten the idea that it seems like ASUS has not rolled out an update for the keyboard drivers for the latest build version of Windows 10?

Is there any way a similar driver or update is available to help remedy this problem. I cannot just keep rolling back previous version every time this happens daily. I use this for laptop for pretty much everything and its really frustrating. I have attached a DxDiag file incase it helps.

Level 8
Put the win10 upgrader app to block on your firewall so that ugly irritating spamstuff can't download the patch.

or just check this guide ->

Level 13
Don’t need to block it. Just go into updates, advanced then delay feature updates for up to 365 days.*

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Level 7
Will Asus release drivers that are compatible for the Creators update anytime soon? Also, I did not see the option to delay for 365 but was able to enable the option to defer featured updates from group policy and only allowed for up to 180 days. At this point I'll take it. I just changed the settings now, and will see if it blocks the featured updates.