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Will the USB Type-C ports of the GL502VY have future Thunderbolt 3 capability?

Level 7
I haven't seen one of those laptops in the wild yet (980m version) but will they come with the ability to utilize thunderbolt 3? On the official webpage of this exact model, Asus advertises the port to be USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 2, which is the type of port compatible with thunderbolt 3. I ask this mainly because of the upcoming XG Station 2 shown in Computex. I know the other laptops/2-in-1s have thunderbolt 3 capability but for this laptop, so far it is not advertised. Also, I pre-ordered this laptop so if it had the ability to do so, it would seem like the perfect laptop already in my eyes.

I also pose this question because a certain fellow competitor (M*I) was able to do so on their own laptops via BIOS flashing due to the pre-installed controller or whatnot needed for thunderbolt 3. I hope this would be answered soon by the proper people. Thanks!