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Wi Fi Problems Strix G513QY w/MT7921

Level 9
As it appears many people are having problems with these laptops Wi-Fi Card. The Media-Tek MT7921. Seems the solution even after a Reformat and reinstall Windows 11OS and all drivers, Bios updates, windows updates, etc. that is to send to service for another one of these cards? Or are they replacing with another brand for a final solution?

It seems that one solution is to go to Amazon and buy the Intel 210ax or very similar and install it yourself. This is something I'm not comfortable doing myself at this point. I don't want to void the warranty. I find replacing hardware already in a mid-level laptop already; sad. I've owned this one for just 3 months. I feel that I've done everything all the other posts have suggested to no avail. Please help. 😞

One odd thing I've noticed is playing Star Trek Online probably 50 percent of the time I drop connection (please note I lose connection just browsing the web) I can even be within 3 feet of the Router for this to happen. I've swapped out 3 routers. When I lose connection from the game and sometimes browsing, the laptop shows that I'm still connected sometimes and the only solution is to reboot or shut down. IPConfig/release all and ipconfig/renew and flushdns do nothing. The Windows 11 trouble shooter can’t resolve either.

Any suggestions?

Level 7

I have similar issue with same laptop, same card, but Win10. Here it is more mindwrecking the case, every day at some selective hours :28 the card just gets enough, and will restart the NIC. Building up network connection, establishing 2.4Ghz, then steering to 5.0. Not every day same hours, kinda random. Now this is the better status what I had before. I following here a topic:
The latest release makes such difference that my disruption goes only 10-120 sec per case, and not 200-600 sec...but ultimately the card goes down, resets, boots and start from scratch. Imagine playing MMO or co-op.
So yeah, currently using v3.3.x, and its the best so far, but still below acceptable experience. Now, if oyu want to find driver supplied by Asus and download from webpage, it is only v3.0.x.
For a suggestion, either bear with us following the drivers, or take a deep breath, void warranty and replace the wifi card. I would think in 2022 this should be laughable situation. Turns out it is our reality.

With best heart.

Level 9
I'm tending to agree. I've received no reply other than to replace the card. This was of course suggested by a member other than ASUS. I doubt Asus is going to fork over the money to replace they cards, and I doubt Mediatek is going to do something about it that way. Best I can do is hope a driver update helps down the road, I suppose?

I was living in Hungary for 35 years, there products are subject to consumer protection and sellers can not get away with sloppy products, would get refund or replacement - usually you still better to notice such faults asap from purchase date. I'm in Germany now... here the best I can hope for is sending the laptop to warranty repair, waiting 4-6 weeks, getting it back in same condition, sending it again to warranty repair, ........ maybe in 4-6 months they might actually replace the card - or getting an offer that they are happy to replace the motherboard for 1000 EUR (No, that still does not fix the problem). The uncomfortable detail is still that, I used the laptop already for 6+ months, and would miss it a lot for half a year sitting on a shelf. Or... I can use my 15 years of work experience and straightforward gadget skills to ... replace a card 😄 ofc then warranty is void.

So yeah, your best shot is hoping for an effective driver. I do the same. As long as my patience goes.

Level 8
NickT wrote:
I don't want to void the warranty.

Opening the laptop doesn't void the warranty, unless you break something doing so. It's expected since people have slots to upgrade features. If uncomfortable, there are some good teardown videos to watch. I upgraded the WiFi to an AX210 because it was only $22 to get the card.

In the meantime there's an updated driver which supposedly fixes thing that came out this month, but Asus doesn't have it posted yet.

Level 9
I have gotten an AX210 card. Going to be installing soon. Unfortunately, I have little faith in the new driver.

How is your experience so far with that card?
I'm sticking yet with mt and driver updates.

I went with the Intel Killer Ax210 Wifi card. Its been a great performing card. I have less drops in games, less lag, less having to restart my Laptop because the Wifi shows it suddenly disappeared. It works as it should.
Zozzero wrote:
How is your experience so far with that card?
I'm sticking yet with mt and driver updates.

I bought AX210NGW WiFi Card, Wi-Fi 6E 11AX to replace the defective MediaTek wifi card. That MT7921 would disconnect randomly and cause my router to reset. Which frustrated the family members who shared the network. Ever since I've install the intel wifi chip network runs fast on 5GHz and no more disconnect or router resets. I also upgraded the ram from 16Gig to Vengeance Performance SODIMM Memory 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz and I see a big improvement in this laptop.

My Asus Rog Strix advantage runs amazing. few more tweaks and she's going to be purfect. For gamers I suggest adding or replacing the SSD with Samsung 980 PRO SSD 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen 4 Gaming M.2 Internal Solid State Hard Drive Memory Card, and an a crazy external monitor ASUS ROG Strix 43inch 4K HDR DSC Gaming Monitor (XG43UQ) using USB-C to displayport for 144Hz refresh rates or USB-C to HDMI cable for 120Hz.

Thanks again for the advices which help me alot.

I have brand new Rog Strix G15 advantage G513QY w/MT7921 I have installed the 3.3 driver from this post and the blue tooth driver also. Wasn't sure if I needed to install the blue Tooth driver but when I saw media tech on both decided to install both drivers. So far so good . Gamed all night seems ok , we repost after a few days to confirm drivers are solid.