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Which SSDs fit inside Strix G16 ?

Level 8
I would like to buy another SSD for Strix G16, ideally with heatsink, but I'm not sure which ones will fit.
I'm considering 4TB versions of:

- Kingston Fury Renegade
- Seagate Firecude 530
- Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus

All of these come in two versions, with and without heatsinik.

So which ones will fit, anyone knows ?

In a notebook you won't have room for a big heatsink. Go without unless you find a deal, then you can get either but just not install it.
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Level 8

I bought 2mm height heatsink with 1.5mm thermal paste for my G614JI (stryx G16 2023), the bottom cover won't close. Now I'm ordering 0.8mm height cooper heatsink, I'll post back if its fit.

Did you made it?

0.8mm fit, I can close my cover.

Could you tell me exactly what you bought and where?

How did that affect the temperature?

The 2mm that doesn't fit looks like this.

The 0.8mm that fits looks like this

The temperature different when using heatsink and without is just 5 degree celcius, the max I recorded with hard disk sentinel is 59C without heatsink, installing games

With heatsink, currently max recorded is 55C. The ssd is SN850X 2TB

Bought from shopee direct from China.