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Which is better screen for GL502VSK?

Level 7
LED backlit FHD (1920x1080) 120Hz (it has lower resolution but higher refresh rate)


LED backlit UHD (3840x2160) 60Hz (it has higher resolution but lower refresh rate)


These are options from GL502VSK.....
It only has gtx1070gpu.

Hello Jamreal18

The 4k screen will have the better picture (4x better than 1080p) but you'll need a 1080 Ti or a pair of them to run all games at 60 FPS.

Your gpu(s) will determine which one you should get,

1440p is 2x better than 1080p and one 1080 Ti would do well.

Level 7
Hi Nate152

The other one has lower resolution but higher refresh rate


The other one has higher resolution but lower refresh rate

So which is better together with Gtx 1070?

One 1070 won't do very well at 4k so look at the 1080p and 1440p monitors.

A 1070 would do pretty well with a 1440p monitor, have you looked at any of those?

Here is watchdogs 2 with a 1070 at 2560 x 1440 resolution.

Level 7

I don't get you....

So which is better with Gtx 1070?

Option A or option B?

Level 14
Refresh rate (Hz) is how often the display panel redraws the screen each second. Basically equivalent to frames per second (fps).

A 120Hz display would only be "better" than a 60Hz display if your GPU can reach 120fps (or at least sustain >60fps) at the display resolution.

A Mobile GTX1070 (which is slightly better than a Desktop GTX1070) just can't sustain 120fps on all games at "FHD" 1920x1080, and it can't sustain 60fps on all games at "4K UHD" 3840x2160, even with quality settings turned down.

If you plan to also/eventually use the monitor with other computers (and better GPUs) then I'd recommend you get higher resolution.
If you plan to just use the monitor with your GL502 then I'd recommend getting the cheaper one.
I'd also second Nate's recommendation of a 2560x1440 60Hz monitor, it would balance pixels and speeds and your GPU pretty nicely.

I didn't watch Nate's entire video. But I did see "somewhat Ultra Quality" 2560x1440 Watchdogs 2 performance generally hover around 30fps~60fps.
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Level 7

Option A or B?

Well if I had to choose I would choose the 1080p monitor, it won't have as good of a picture but gameplay will be nice and smooth.