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Where to Buy Spare Motherboard for GL503VM ?

Level 8
Hello, my friend made a mistake and while he was repasting his laptop, he caused a little spark in the motherboard and the laptop will NOT turn on now. The service asks lots of money to fix it.

Where could he buy a spare motherboard and is it possible to fix it? Also is it possible to remove CPU and GPU and sell them seperately?

Level 13
There is no source that sells all spare parts. The only two I know of do not carry any parts for that machine.
You (aka your friend) have 3 choices.
1) find nearest trash receptacle and toss in botched machine and learn from new machine
2) Pony up and pay ASUS to fix it. This will come with a warranty on the repair
3) Scour EBAY and buy there with the chance that you get a board someone else cooked or cook it again yourself putting it in.

If I were in that boat, which I would never be, I would be sucking it up and sending it to ASUS to repair. Has to be cheaper than a new machine. If its too close to the cost of a new machine its a no brainer just buy the machine. What you dont realize is you are not just buying a MOBO. The CPU and GPU are soldered on so you are buying those too, not going to be cheap!

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