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What Size Is the Wireless Card In the G75VW? (Half Height)

Level 12
I'm thinking of replacing the existing wireless card with a Centrino 6230 or 6235. Was wondering what size card to order. Having only two antenna, anything more than the 6230 or 6235 would be overkill. Has anybody else swapped their wireless card out of the G75VW?
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
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Level 9
yes its a half height. swapped a 6235 myself. i believe you know you are voiding the warranty...

don't know why it would take the battaty out take out the screw on the left side and right side take off the back where the speakers are change out the card.

There is no do and remove wanntary will be void stickrers.
I work in a tech repair store never heard of it.

Unless u brake something then that would be different.

On my last asus laptop i took the network card out send it back to asus for wantary and put it back in took the laptop apart.

Level 9
i know you can search form website, i think a lot of data to teach how to change, but yep, it would be lose warranry. what is problem did you meet? you should change wireless?